Industrial Production Specifications

Diced Tomatoes

Product Description:

Red ripe tomatoes are washed, sorted, and peeled. After dicing they are sorted again for color and defects. The dices are subject to a calcium chloride and citric acid treatment prior to cooking for firmness and pH control.


Chemical and Physical:

  • Flavor & Odor:  Typical tomato flavor and aroma. No off flavors.
  • Color:  Typical red for canned tomatoes. No vivid green.
  • Size:  1/2″ or 3/4″
  • Character:  Firm, good definition
  • Defects:  To conform to customer’s specifications
  • PH:  3.7 to 4.1
  • Drained Weight:  To conform to customer’s standards (62 – 70%)
  • Calcium Chloride:  Lactic acid, bacteria, yeast and molds


  • The contents of the container shall receive a thermal process proven adequate to rid the product of microorganisms of public health and spoilage significance. Containers of product after incubation for 30 days shall show no signs of product spoilage (i.e. microbial growth which is visible upon opening, pressure development within the bag, atypical changes in product color, aroma, texture, character or appearance.)

Net Weight

  • 55 – gallon aseptic bag in drum:  455 lbs. +/- 5 lbs.
  • 300 – gallon aseptic bag in bin:  2,580 lbs. +/- 10 lbs.

Shelf Life:

  • Product shelf life is 36 months from date of manufacture provided the product is kept from freezing.