Production Specifications

Apricot Concentrate

Product Description:

APRICOT concentrate is prepared from apricots, which are wholesome, unsweetened, non-fermented fruit that is properly prepared. The unadulterated apricot pulp is extracted and concentrated to 32% NFSS. The product is produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and maintain and temperatures necessary for preservation of the product quality. The concentrate will have good flavor and aroma and be practically free of defects. Ascorbic acid is added during production as a processing aide.


Concentration: 32.0% NFSS Target, Range 30.0-33.0

PH: Range 3.40 – 4.50

Ascorbic Acid: 500 – 1,000 mg

Hunter Color: Minimum 34.0 “L” at 12 degree Brix.

Botswick: Minimum 12.0 cm at 12 degree Brix and 20 degree C

Total Acid (Citric): 1.5 – 3.00%

Allergenes: None

Glutens: None

Pesticides: Meets USDA. FDA and EPA Guidelines

Shelf Life:  Shelf life – 24 months at optimal storage conditions.

Microbiological Characteristics: Commercially sterile. Free of yeast, mold and pathogens. SPC less than 10 CFU/g.

Packaging and Weight:

55 Gallon Aseptic Drum, Net Weight 540 lbs. (avg.)

300 Gallon Aseptic Bag in a Bin, Net Weight 2830 lbs. (avg)
Wood bin contains fiber board bottom and a polylaminate liner.
NOTE: Net weight information based on product at 31% NFSS

All containers shall be labeled with the date of manufacture, the product name, the product code, the bostwick, the container number, and the container’s gross tare, and net weights.